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One night, just as I was settling down, something strange happened it seemed.  For sure this was not one I had dreamed.  I did question my sanity though...So as you see as I was to sow myself in deep to sleep, there came a noise in the dark it did creep...not far from my bed did it leap like a click of switch that was not in my head but out of thin air in the middle of the pitch.  I kept still for bit when the chill did sit...Fear over came me! "Is that someone there?" entered my mind to take care, just then another signal "Click" did emit.  Almost in the same place but little closer my terror would pull my feet in under the covers.  Oh too late! My thoughts had been there to read ,there in the darkness, a hand grab my foot. Indeed! Then thy lids fell of Sandman soot and in the morning, I awoke with a toot, refreshed the moment my eyes did peep.  What was it? I might never know but I sure needed the sleep.
It Came One Night
Well it kind of really happened and a wrote this Journal entry about it from July 11, 2013.    I only just realized it should be a piece of art.  What visited me?   Ruhaniya!
Got a couple good frequency healings for ya, I like playing them all at the same time.
After a few seconds put one on after the other and work the volume controls a bit.

Spice is goood....

Sometimes I think to myself, why do I dream about outer space. I mean where is there really to go?  The further out you go the bigger it gets and smaller compared to it's creator.  I know that sounds illogical but the universe is filled with Paradoxes and apposing elements of reality.   There is a space between the physical universes but none between the physical and spiritual?  Yet deep inside I still wish to have the best job in the universe:  frozen isolation while space faring .  Where is the future of Humans using robots to expand our knowledge of the universe except in Sci-fi?  When should it all start?  There is a verse in the Quran where Allah challenges mankind to seek through to the heavens, commenting that it is well guarded.  There are Jinns that try to steal the knowledge of the future from up there. They get part of something then are chased down to the Earth and are hear to stay.  So that seeking of the heavens could mean Spiritually and passing through Judgement Day to an actually final destiny.  It could also mean  Physically through technology.  It is interesting that although it is difficult to reach space, it is possible to reach the first heaven above us.  We as a species need to unite to build the biggest catapult and hydrogen airships with small efficient rockets that siphons the expanded hydrogen into liquid fuel.  The airship shoots off as a projectile into space.  So it has to expand and shrink from hydro gen consumption. Once in space it should activate a zero G solar steam generator for power.  The first space stations should really be refill stations.  That's what the first step should be.  Catching an giant asteroid that can be mined from
They should catch those asteroids with robotic squid rockets, put them in orbit around the moon and hollow them out with nano bots.  The asteroid should have a lot of iron and silicon.   Then attach factories, and chemical plants on it/in it with living environments. Use bore machines on tracks.  Make lots of storage and tunnels. Shape it, carve it out like a fractal mandala or , reinforce it and put over the surface giant  honey comb shaped solar panels.  The panels should be plaited/plated with the best/strongest materials to weather outer space.  Mended by robots on tracks even on the nano scale.  Each panel would have an armored optical telescopic eye at the center surrounded by a defense laser and rockets/rail guns? As well as an array of antennas and sensors with athousand eyes on an armored skin.  The main body should be shaped like two arrow heads put together at a circular base.  Each head would be like a reflection of the other but facing opposite direction. there should also be a giant magnetic track at the center of the asteroid that spins towers that branch out with sail-like sheets/ panels. Making it look like a snowflake in the sky. The towers spin around on the asteroid space station to create artificial gravity. Each tower is like the spokes of a wheel that can detach from its base track and built from the base up/out. The towers could have totally tubular environments that have domes attached which lets light in through filter prisms to grow food.  The main body should be used for the production, collection, and storage of materials. The center of the asteroid, towers, and branches should be used to storage water. Water will also be needed for the power plants.  I have some ideas for spinning generators powered by steam created by lensing heat from the sun while in space.   Smaller crafts could be hollowed out of small asteroids and shot out of a giant nuclear magnetic rail gun launch pad thingy.  Even if we couldn't reach the speed of light, halfway would be pretty good, especially for probes.
Don't Mind Me,  I'm just going to play this over and over again for a bit. Brain candy
Till it's all melted and molten honey deafens my ears

Got a couple good frequency healings for ya, I like playing them all at the same time.
After a few seconds put one on after the other and work the volume controls a bit.

Spice is goood....


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